Lookism Chapter 437

9 thoughts on “Lookism Chapter 437

    1. speaking of arnis, I practice it. Just have to deal with getting hit in the fingers, it hurts small

      Arie Reply

    1. Gasp!!!!!
      Oh my gosh!!!
      Your Arnis looks so sick!!!!
      You always make me feel proud whenever you use Arnis in your moves.
      But this form?!!!!!

      Jay’s Alexander Kali Arnis form was definitely different from FMA Kali Arnis that I’ve know. I’m no expert in FMA (I know just a tiny bit) but I’m very sure we don’t hold the stick like that on our left hand. That form looks like your using Kali Arnis as an assassin not a warrior.
      So cool!!!!

      Ryjane Yalam Reply

  1. I really love this manga.. And I just finished it within a week.. so I’ve missed reading this a lot… Thank you for still updating, author-nim❣️.. I wonder when and how will it end? I guess I’m expecting much of this manga …. Love it💜💜💜

    Aizle Reply

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