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  1. Chairman Choi and park jinyoung might be 2 bodies before. Young park jinyoung looks like the big park hyeonsuk

    Kaokao Reply

    1. so chairman choi is the owner of crystal’s second body? 💀
      but hear me out like, yk how crystal’s mom is not present and daniel’s dad is not present?? can the second body be the body of their parents since crystal’s mom (female) is not present and crystal has the body (female) and daniel’s dad(male) is not present and he has the second body (male), does this mean that their parents died young and the body was experimented on to make a 2nd body? and yk how daniel’s mom is shocked/scared seeing the picture of jinyoung, does this mean she knows he used her husband’s body for a experiment?

      yo momma ass crack Reply

      1. But then daniel’s mom would’ve recognized Daniel’s second body as her husband?

        Mortality Reply

        1. I think the one whom James Lee killed was Daniels real father nd the psycho doctor park is 2 nd body of daniel’s father or vice versa… That’s the reason he was attacking to tom lee to avange his brother’s murder. Even when daniel told psycho park about his 2 body secret, park was not too surprised, he was only like you also…

          Akash Reply

          1. You’re theory… It’s all matching up but as we know about that author this is too good to be true i suppose your story is a match but as we know the author he’d make your theory longer like he’ll add parts that you didn’t pinned

            James lee

          2. It sounds interesting, but it’s unlikely, because we were shown a photo where Daniel’s father is standing with Park. And this, remembering how two bodies work, is impossible.


        2. My first theory is DG and Choi is like daniel and crystal. I know there is a chapter that they appeared together but that time Choi is sting in a chair like sleeping and also choi give his most shares in paprika for DG to win over the company without hesitating. Second theory is Jinyoung Park have a second body but died eventually that is why he knows about having two bodies, dont know if it is daniel’s dad or other character but that is why Jinyoung Park is getting interested in experimentation due to thinking that is the only that could explain the miracle happened to them but for so long to gain the body again. Or Jinyoung Park is like park jiho who wants to have another body then daniel’s dad have it but DG killed them and that is the unsolved murder case.

          White_Cloud Reply

      2. actually since daniels father is missing yk what else can be possible? choi had another body with which he mated with daniels mum and with this body he had crystal and they both inherited it somehow, maybe.
        Also that other body can be the new park being talked about in this chap.

        supremeleadah Reply

          1. i losing braincells listening to you guys… decent theory but so many plotholes

            just read it

    2. Spoilers ahead!

      Daniel Park’s dad is Park Jin young as Daniel Park resembles him so much. Like tf her grandma also mistook him for Jin young. Jin young got a second body. It’s Charles Choi. What a twist, the other Jin Young is nothing but a looser in O generation like what he said while experimenting on Daniel. He became an influenced man and get whatever he wants. In the laboratory he ain’t shock because of the second body thing, he’s scared Eugene might hear it. And James really killed the guy who Daniel Park thought his father was. Charles Choi (his second body) covered it not just because of using James Lee but also to cover up Jin Young’s (his original body) connection about the murder case. He’s also the cause of death of that guy.

      You see, Crystal Choi also possess that two bodies ability because of Charles Choi likewise Daniel Park. Because their both children of Charles Choi.

      lookism Reply

    1. Yeah i too think like that, maybe he might be his father and their hairs and face is alike too

      Shaikh Fahad Reply

    2. In Asia well specifically Korea Japan and China they use there last name before they first name. So if they both have park then they might be related

      Biggo Reply

        1. That might be the case in real life, but why are you comparing real life with the manhwa, that’s so stupid, LMAO.

          huehuehue Reply

    3. rather than the father, i feel like its his brother cuz daniel’s momma be lookin old as shit while jinyoung out here looking like he on crack 💀

      yo momma ass crack Reply

      1. Because his mother have done a lot of work to bear and to raise her son alone, that is why her youth and beauty faded away.

        whiteghost Reply

  2. Yes, I also think of that too. Since Jinyoung Park and Charles Choi are on the same crew (which is the pre-generation obviously.) the two of them talked about it, so their child won’t get a hard time since Crystal Choi and Daniel Park are both chubby, it’ll be easier if both of them have a perfect body.

    Ginger Reply

  3. As Gun said, there was only three people that can copy other people’s move including Johan and Daniel. I think Jiyoung is the other one Gun’s talking about. And also, Gun’s found out that Daniel Park (the one he called his masterpiece) can also copy other people’s move even though it’s their first time seeing those moves.

    Ginger Reply

  4. ||Theory||
    Jinyoung is the guy who kidnapped danielpark’s 2nd body and experimented on it
    and daniel, with his 1st body showed his mom a picture of jinyoung and she looked
    terrified. What if jinyoung threatened his mom in the past or he is daniel’s father.
    There’s an 87% he could be daniel’s father but what if he is daniel’s older brother?
    He might have ran away home at a young age and saved by jake’s father..

    bloxstick Reply

  5. So uh, I’ve seen many ppl discussing about how they think Jinyoung is Daniel’s dad. So what we got in the story is that Daniel’s new body is a body that seem to be created rather than being the real person with a real identity, this may also be one of the reason why Choi used Diego’s(DG, also known as the pre-generation James Lee) previous identity. So because the body have no identity, Choi have to use James’ identity card. Apparently, Daniel’s mom have a shock expression on her face after seeing Jinyoung, Jinyoung also looks quite familiar with Daniel somehow. Maybe he was the one who created the body and introduced it to Choi and Diego. By chance, he really might’ve been Daniel’s father due to their looks seem to be somehow alike.

    Someone Reply

  6. James Lee killed Gapryong Kim (Father of Jake Kim) which ended the Pre-Generation Era and of course the start of 1st Generation Era which is also dominated by none other than James Lee. As I remember from reading previous chapters Jinyoung Park and Charles Choi once work with Gapryong Kim but possibly they had misunderstanding while doing the avatar cloning experiment. James Lee is known to be very talented which made Charles Choi to use him as part of the experiment.

    UkelUkel69 Reply

    1. I don’t think James Lee was even born in the pre generation era or he was just a baby. But it’s true that he only ended 1st generation and started 2nd gen. In previous chapter when james, gun and goo were in Sauna he said he was only a year older than them

      Yeonkitty Reply

  7. Hi Guys,

    There are multiple clues/correlations which are available as hints throughout the chapter & the way story has developed.

    Let’s take the first hint that author deliberately dropped us a clue . (Daniel Park is wearing same colour neck touch Tshirt similar to the one in photo for Jinyoung Park)

    Second interesting fact – mother of Daniel mentioned that Jinyoung lost everything..
    She could be mentioning about his family & best friend(husband of Daniel’s mother)

    Daniel’s mother mentioned something very important that Daniel would be hurt after knowing the truth, it is more likely that she is not the real mother of Daniel & it adds more layers to the storyline on the efforts by the lady to single handedly raise the child of someone else. 🙏 Much respect & she will always be mom to Daniel but he will have emotional breakdown.

    Now, let me take you to the possible storyline.

    James Lee was after 1st Generation so went after Jinyoung Park but instead his friend fought & died before Jinyoung could reach the place.

    This incident changed his personality to take revenge for his best friend, though I could not link the idea behind his experiments. (May be he still has some goal there)

    At present, Jinyoung Park is not aware of the real cause of the death as there are multiple people who have been mentioned as the suspect so he is going after them.

    Mysterious Reader Reply

  8. Jinyoung Park is supporting Workers so he can destroy Charles Choi..

    Double body is something which is related to Charles Choi, interestingly Daniel Park got the double body so there is something linked here.

    Mysterious Reader Reply

  9. I Think of what is Daniel’s real father what if hes real father is Jinyoung Park and what if daniels mother wedding picture was Daniel’s mother’s dad and hes dad was betrayed jinyoung park
    Thats why hes mom said Jinyoung lost it all
    because of that man

    Giery Reply

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